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Japa: How to Get Cheap Flights From Nigeria to UK, Fly Conveniently Without Breaking the Bank


It is possible to get great flight deals when travelling from Nigeria to the UK. A Nigerian travel advisor has issued vital tips on how to travel from Nigeria to the UK without spending too much money on flight tickets. According to Sassy Funke, one of the ways to avoid spending too much on flights is to avoid travelling during peak seasons. Another is to use price comparison websites such as Google Flights and Skyscanner so as to know which airline has cheaper tickets

Sassy Funke said in a video that passengers who apply the simple tips would spend less on flight tickets on the Nigeria-UK route.

How to get cheap flights from Nigeria to London.
Tips on getting cheap flights from Nigeria to the UK. Photo credit: Izusek and Aaron Foster/Getty Images. Photos used for illustration only.
Source: Getty Images compiled the list to help those travelling to the UK to lessen the amount they would pay on flight tickets.

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1. Using Google Flights and Skyscanner to get cheap flights

Funke noted that one of the ways to get cheap Nigeria-UK flights is to make use of price comparison websites such as Google Flights and Skyscanner.

Both Google Flights and Skyscanner make an impressive list of scheduled flights and ticket prices each of them, helping air passengers to make the choice of where to fly from and to get the cheapest deals.

2. Avoid peak season journeys

Funke noted that there are periods that have more expensive flights than others. She said seasons like Christmas and other festivities usually make flights expensive.

She recommends travelling in January instead of December as this would lessen the amount paid for flight tickets.

3. Pick airlines wisely

According to Funke, another way to lessen the amount paid for air tickets from Nigeria to the UK is to pick airlines wisely.

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She said there are some airlines that are desperate for the Nigeria-UK route and therefore make their ticket prices cheaper. Funke said an example is Qatar Airways.

4. Wait until airlines are doing deals on the Nigeria-UK route

Funke’s last recommendation is for Nigeria-UK passengers to wait until airlines are doing promos before by their air tickets.

She said some mouthwatering promos happen around January and February when airlines slash ticket prices.

See her video below:

Netizens react to Funke’s helpful tips

@Michael Eze said:

“Fantastic observation there! Generally, I use clear trips to get the cheapest flights! I hear Qatar fares are relatively cheaper than others, although I am yet to fly with them!”

@haris said:

“I guess, also booking of flight a month or some weeks before your scheduled date tends to be cheaper.”

Lady demands for flight to visit man in Abuja

Meanwhile, reported that a Nigerian lady said a man must book a flight for her before she would visit him in Abuja.

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The lady said the N20,000 which was sent to her as transport fare was too small and would not cover her expenses.

She said she would not take all the risks to visit a man in Abuja just for N20,000.



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