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Why Finding Cheap Business Class Flights Is Not as Hard as You Think


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A smiling airplane passenger listening to music and looking out the window.A smiling airplane passenger listening to music and looking out the window.

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If you’ve ever gone to your favorite airline’s website and compared pricing for an economy class ticket versus a business class ticket, you may have almost fallen out of your chair. That’s because the standard business class ticket can be shockingly expensive. For the average flier, spending several thousand dollars on one ticket is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find cheap business class flights. Scoring a deal may be easier than you expect. Here’s how.

Pay attention to flight deals announced in email newsletters

Many airlines promote sales via email to subscribers, and it’s not uncommon for business class deals to be advertised. If you’re a member of airline loyalty programs, you likely already get access to such emails, so don’t rush to throw them in the trash. It pays to open these emails.

Discounted flight offers may be limited to select destinations or available only during specific travel dates. If you have a less-flexible schedule or set destination in mind, these deals may not be ideal for you. But you can benefit if you’re an adventurous traveler with flexibility.

Use online search tools to save big

Another way to score cheap business class seats is by using online flight search and pricing tools. Google Flights is one popular option that makes searching for business class airfare a breeze. You can use the provided search filters to narrow your options for premium seats.

Another can’t-miss feature is the ability to track airfare prices. Google will email you when prices change for your preferred travel dates, so you don’t miss out if prices drop significantly. Being able to time when to buy your tickets to get the best deal can benefit your personal finances.

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One final tip: Flexible travelers can get a better deal. You can play around with dates to find the lowest prices as you search for airfare. If you have a flexible schedule, you may save more. You can search “Anywhere” instead of a set destination to find the cheapest destinations with affordable business class flight options. Let the deals decide where you go!

Invest in a flight deals membership

You don’t have to do all the work yourself. If you’re short on extra time but want to land cheap business class flights, you can pay someone else to do the work. Flight deal subscriptions like Going, Dollar Flight Club, and Thrifty Traveler can help you find the best premium class flight deals. You can plan your travels around deals like this to keep more money in the bank.

You must pay an annual fee for these services, but they can offer savings of hundreds or thousands a year for frequent travelers. Membership pricing for the flight deal subscriptions highlighted above range from $90 to $199 per year to access business class deals. I’ve used services like this to book affordable business class tickets, so I know they’re the real deal.

Redeem your credit card rewards for airfare

Thanks to credit card rewards, a business class flight may be more within reach than you think. If you have travel rewards earned from travel credit cards, use them up. You may be able to transfer your rewards to an airline partner and redeem them to help cover the cost of a business class ticket.

Why pay thousands of dollars to fly in style if you can use your credit card rewards to save money? If you’re new to earning travel rewards, check out the best travel rewards credit cards to learn how to earn rewards on your spending and access valuable card perks.

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